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I am a software engineering expert from the Boston area.


I love building software and leading engineering teams. I like big challenges, and I like working with dynamic programming languages. I like speaking at meetups and national conferences. I like working on open-source software.

I provide software engineering and technical leadership services to a variety of industries. I am currently available for new projects.


  • Ruby, Javascript and Python development
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Data modeling and database optimization
  • Operations, deployment and scaling
  • Software/hardware integration


  • Building technical teams
  • Training and mentoring developers
  • Writing software budgets and proposals
  • Agile project planning
  • Writing user stories, wireframing


  • Finance
  • Higher Education
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Healthcare, HIPAA
  • Transportation

Recent Projects

Project 01

I'm currently VP of Engineering for Wealthbase, a simulated stock and cryptocurrency trading platform. Our team develops fintech applications for the web, iOS and Android using technologies like Ruby on Rails and Angular.

Project 03

I served as a lead engineer and architect on a large gamification project. Our platform lets employees compete and earn achievements to promote things like environmental sustainability and volunteering. Built using Ruby and CoffeeScript.

Project 02

I led a team of developers and designers in building a Ruby on Rails-based transportation platform for route and passenger management.


I love writing and speaking about software engineering, and I love working on projects that reach a broader audience.

My work has been featured in CNN, USA Today, Providence Business News, and more. You can see more of my work below.

MeteorJS 1.1 Released

Mar 31 2015 - MeteorJS 1.1 is released and I'm pretty excited. Meteor has been a ton of fun for prototypes and weekend projects, so I'm psyched to see this framework get closer to mainstream adoption.

80-Character Lines

Feb 23 2015 - Given the proliferation of big laptop screens and the current rise of 4K monitors, it's hard to imagine why the old programming practice of "80 characters per line" (80 CPL) would still apply.

WeSpire (2014-15)

I worked with WeSpire to build a large employee engagement platform, promoting environmental sustainability, corporate stewardship and volunteering. Our software is used by many of the Fortune 500 and was named "Top Product of the Year" by Environmental Leader!

Lifespan (2013)

I worked with Lifespan Corporation to build a children's mental health assessment platform, which is now used in Rhode Island hospitals.

Python For Rubyists

My talk from Los Angeles RubyConf.

Python: Browser Testing

A presentation from the Providence Python Meetup.

Mobile Music

I built an open-source mobile app, using Javascript, that finds local concerts nearby. Produced during a mobile app hackathon.


I developed one of the first embedded mobile apps in Ruby. Broadcast lets users interact with Android phones remotely through their web browser.


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I am available for new projects.


Ruby, Python, Javascript, TypeScript, ES6, Swift, Perl, HTML/CSS
Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Django, Angular, Vue, React, sinatra, flask, Haml, Sass
Operating Systems:
Linux, Android, OS X, Windows Server
Postgres, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Oracle